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Humans are social creatures
and just like dogs we thrive in a pack.
We believe team work is needed to achieve success.

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor is the founder and head trainer at Canine Education. Josh’s passion for dogs started at a young age with his very first dog Siku.

He is a certified and professional dog trainer with over 15 years of experience of coaching and training different dog breeds. He has a strong understanding of using positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques to reduce bad pet behaviors while increasing good ones to train dogs. Adept at identifying aggressive behavior and giving proper voice commands to canines. A true animal lover with experience of assisting service dogs, and a good understanding of advanced training methods. Josh is working with several rescue organizations in and around Montreal, helping dogs become better canine citizens. He is highly recommended by veterinarians for severe aggression, and is often seen as their last hope.

Josh has held several conferences helping humans better understand dog behaviors and their body language namely for Canada Post, various elementary schools and at Costco for Service Dog Etiquette.  

He is certified with l’Académie Canin, Cognition and Emotion through Dr Hare (online course) with Duke University, Professional Dog Trainers Association (rated as one of the only dog trainers to use “dognition” (cognitive games) to formulate games to work on strengths and weaknesses and Therapy dog training with West Island Therapy Center. Josh is also the holder of the coveted CPDT-KA certification.

Christina Philpot

Christina has been working with Canine Education since 2012 and has helped train thousands of dogs. A lifelong pet-parent, Christina has spent the past ten years dedicating herself to her dream of working with, and for man’s best friend. She now calculates everything in dog years and has been involved in advocacy work, training and protection from abuse for dogs all over the island. She’s a strong believer in the necessity for science-based training and behavior modification techniques for both owner and pet. She’s trained her own animals for years and has been a dependable trainer for many friends and family pet-parents. A devoted trainer, she’s committed to ensuring that all her clients have the tools they need to create balance and peace in their home with their little human and non-human family members. She is CPDT-KA certified and a member of Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.



Chloe Santini

Chloe joined Canine Education in March 2021 as an apprentice trainer. Chloe quickly honed her teaching skills under the guidance of Josh Taylor.  Since, Chloe has been leading our group sessions and is the expert at working with puppies and young adults.  Chloe is a firm believer in a science based and positive reinforcement approach.  Her goal is to build stronger relationships between dogs and their humans, to enable a more positive life. Chloe has several years of experience as a dog daycare supervisor, which deepened her desire to become a dog trainer.   Her love for dogs goes back to her childhood, starting with a very anxious Beagle, Joxer.  She is now the proud parent of Frankie,  who you will probably see at the training studio from time to time.

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