Grooming is more than just for beauty and style!


From clipping nailsear cleaningde-shedding and trimming, grooming is a very important part of keeping your beloved pet in their tip top shape!

Behavioral Grooming

Behavioral grooming is completely force-free, this means that we train the required behaviors that are needed to carry out a complete grooming session. Of course all of the progress by the pet is rewarded!

We know that owning a pet comes with many responsibilities, one of which being grooming. Grooming your pet not only refers to giving them a stylish haircut and a cute bow tie; but also refers to meeting some of the most basic needs your pets have to keep them healthy and happy.

But what if you’re not sure how to go about all these tasks or even worse, what if your pet doesn’t want to participate or is scared of the groomer? Don’t panic, we’re here to help AND we’ll come to you to do it!

West Island Cats and Dogs was founded in 2013, by Samantha Havill who wanted a service she could trust to care for her own cats at home. What started as an in-home cat sitting service, has now expanded to what it is today – a service for ALL pets! Not only do theycare for cats, but they care forall small animals and dogs too!! Canine Education is now proud to partner with West Island Cats & Dogs and be able to offer our clients in-house behavioral grooming services.”

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