The drive behind
Canine Education

It’s our own struggles that pushes us to learn and improve.
Let your dog teach you to become
a better version of yourself.

It all started with the love
of one dog…

Josh struggled with his very first dog, a Husky named Siku.  He was living on his own, eating Kraft Dinner while Siku ate chicken breast because he would not eat his kibble.  That’s how he found L’Académie Canin and started volunteering 40 plus hours a week for about 2 years.  This is how his journey to becoming a trainer started.

It was not an easy journey, but he never gave up on his dream.  He knew this was his destiny, and he sacrificed a lot to be where he is today.  His passion has never been stronger, and his thirst to help dogs in need is greater than ever.  


The need was there…

Over time, his reputation grew as being a caring, patience and devoted trainer to his clients, both human and canine.  He started building solid clientele, giving him great reviews on Facebook, and recommendations started to stream in.  He started offering group sessions at a pet supply store on the West Island, which quickly become extremely popular.  His reputation for working with anxious dogs, as well as aggressive ones, grew to a point that veterinarians recommend him to their clients.  He joined forces with many rescue organizations to assist in working with their rescues and new families.

And we became a team…

 Josh coached and trained his trainers, and now has a team of experienced and skilled trainers who all have the same goal – helping humans to better understand their dogs, and working with them to have a well-balanced happy dog using force free science-based techniques with positive reinforcement.

Josh’s dream was to have his own place, and this happened in November 2020.  Shortly after moving in, Josh and his team realized the place was too small.  In June 2021, Canine Education moved to its new location with 3,000 square feet offering private & group sessions, as well as daycare. 


We love to give back…

Josh is very humbled about his success and wanted to give back to society.  He is very proud to be able to include in the services offered, a Dog Literacy Program, which will help children who have difficulty reading.  

“Both Rolo and Smudge had training at Canine Education. Rolo the brown poodle mix 7 years old had private lessons. Smudge black lab mix 2 years old did Super dogs and leash reactivity. What great lessons for the dogs as well as the owners. Helped me to understand how to communicate to my pack. Thanks again Josh and Jenna”

— Donna, parent of Rolo & Smudge

Canine Education


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